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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where’s the Beef, Mr. Murdoch?

By Philip Geraldi

Regarding policy towards Iran, the American national interest would be best served by avoiding any involvement, if only because comments from the White House will be seen as outside interference, strengthening the hands of the conservatives. But there are many in the United States who do not see it quite that way, hoping to tighten the screws on the rulers in Tehran. They have been exploiting the so-called deadline of the year’s end for Iran and the US to enter into meaningful negotiations on Tehran’s nuclear program. To be sure, many of those who are pushing hardest for sanctions are really only interested in war and regime change with sanctions as a first step establishing an irreversible course of action based on conflict rather than diplomacy.

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Comment: So Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen soon and still Iran on the table. How the hell can we sustain 5 wars when we're already borrowing and printing at breakneck speed?

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