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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Didn't Happen: Krugman Telling the Truth

By William L. Anderson

In reading Paul Krugman's missive today in the New York Times, "What Didn't Happen," I am reminded of Orwell. According to the Great Nobel Laureate, Krugman insists that we believe the following:
  • The "stimulus" was "too small"
  • The Obama administration was not "tough enough" with the banks (he should have nationalized them, I suppose -- but, then, they pretty much are nationalized already)
  • Obama did not do as did Ronald Reagan and blame the previous administration.
I must admit that I admire Krugman's chutzpah at one level. Here is a guy to has the guts to claim things that patently are not true and are easily debunked, but he is able to do with (without any sanctions) in the editorial section of the NYT and get away with it, mostly because his employers at Princeton University and in New York are happy to promote his untruths.

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Comment: William Anderson owns arch- Keynsian Krugman's backward logic on the Obama administrations first year policies. Krugman obviously in the Keynesian wonderland!

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  1. Haha I love Krugman's columns; pure entertainment.