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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Myth that Is FDR

By Garet Garrett

When John T. Flynn has put the Roosevelt myth through his terrible wringer and thrown aside the empty sack, all that remains of it is — the myth. His book will not be challenged on grounds of fact. He has a special way with facts. He brings them together in piles like fissionable material, and then suddenly a pile explodes with atomic effect, even though there had been nothing new in the facts. Many of them you already knew and had forgotten. But the secret of a myth is no more explained by facts than the secret of life is explained by anatomy. It may be that for good or bad the man of myth is an instrument, and if that is so, he would be unable to account for himself, or, trying to give reasons, would give wrong or puerile reasons, not knowing any better.

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Comment: A major plank in the Establishment/Keynesian myth - Roosevelt. Somehow Hoover was "laissez-faire" and blew out the economy and the compassionate Roosevelt came in to save the day. All a part of a fallacious myth.

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