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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our Challenge

In the past the subjects of Europe were subjected to centuries of devastating monarchies that oppressed, robbed, murdered, tortured, persecuted their subjects in desperate attempts to maintain and increase power. As the citizens became more aware of the brutal nature of these regimes, monarchs marched out minions to play on the subjects beliefs and emotions - typically religious affiliations. History views these men as comprising the Royal priest classes - men that would claim that the King's tyrannical actions were sanctioned by the Divine.

Fast forward centuries later where Monarchies are not accepted in the Western World. America helped achieve that, but shortly it fell to another type of dictatorship - the Scientific Dictatorship. The Monarchy replaced by large, centralized federal governments with a chorus of academics to support its oppressive actions. This is the neo-priest class, the experts sanctioned by the State and touted by the State. Every time the State became more bloodthirsty or more invasive there was an army of good government yes-men there advocating the States barbaric policies and even saying science was on their side. And oh, the citizens are too "stupid" and not "educated" to understand these complex issues.

Well this blog is about undoing that. This is a blog for truth and understanding, to say a firm NO to constant appeals to authority as the only metric for valid information. I say it is up to individuals to choose for themselves, to weigh the information, arguments and come to their own decision without the noise from the mainstream political class, scientific/academic class and spokesmen in the form of the Mainstream Media.

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