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Monday, March 1, 2010

On the possibilities of secular monastic individualism

For those fortunate enough to still retain a feint respect for the inherent rights and ethical responsibilities possessed by the true individual, discourse on modern life has proven to be an insurmountable task. The self-sovereign is forever challenged by the ever-present masochistic temptations of shallow self-gratification and baseless materialistic pursuit that is routinely offered as a substitute for the quickly fading spirit of self-discovery; the endless
search for the truth that enables man to seize the rights provided to him by nature through his wit, reason and heart.

This epistemological assault is nothing more than the manifestation of the inevitable realities machinated by an unchecked techno-philic/pahlic, scientific dictatorship, that has supplanted every organic institution of social order; formally of local influence, in favor of a system that places priority on the expertise of distant bureaucrats and social architects. This radical shift of epistemological power has enabled the ruling elites to adopt a uniform and collaborative effort to brand formerly mundane and uninteresting aspects of life into fashionable, marketable consumerist institutions which begin to dominate and occupy the thoughts of those who would other-wise be ardent, vigilant defenders of liberty. The same successful marketers of war and oppression are actively engaged in a war for the minds of all. Replacing individual identity with collective, amoral thought is of the utmost importance, if the ruse of statism is to continue to exist unabashed.

It is through understanding this full spectrum assault on individualism that one is able to resist and overcome the desires of the worldly elite to crush egoism in all of its forms, through divide-and-conquer techniques, such as the construction of the false, hyper-sexualized feminist identity movement.

Therefore, it is the imperative upon the true seekers of liberty to remain on guard against the seductive allures and pleasures of the flesh presented by those unlucky enough to have fallen victim to the sexual branding of their identities. Thus, one must draw from the pleasures of the earth in a responsible manner that is consistent with the ideologies of natural law and the tablua rasa individual. Through the reckless pursuit of pleasure and temporal entertainment, the current defunct and hopelessly lost culture of state-worship is validated and acknowledged as a legitimate social institution and thus, begins to inculcate the whole with a depraved and putrid system of ethics that undermines the true philosophy and natural law principles that define the self-sovereign individual.

The frivolous and unfulfilling pursuit of casual sex and the charade of gender identity that accompanies is the ultimate tool for admirers of collectivism to undermine any individualistic order that may arise. Proponents of "sexual liberation" may often cry that sexual promiscuity is the hallmark of a society that is based upon consensual agreements between individuals. In reality, we are confronted with the opposite. Those who are considered to be the most sexually liberated are those who are victims of their own insecurities and are merely given an easy, commonly-accepted, collective method of remedy. Therefore, rather than confronting and acknowledging underlying faults and sentiments of inferiority, those who are inclined to such behaviors are encouraged and coddled by group dynamics to continue on their paths of ego-loss and sacrifice of the self. It becomes imperative upon the true individual to not enable such institutions, for they threaten the means and ends of the pursuit of liberty, such as the absence of statist coercion and the repeal of social structures that erode the foundations of individualism.

This brief treatise does in no way suggest the proper way to live as a liberty-minded citizen; it is a mere framework for perspective, a call to self-reflection, a way to deconstruct the often times foggy and obfuscated social veils, which like the endless currents of the oceans, subtly shape and create our reality through the limited discourse we engage in.

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