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Monday, August 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Cultists: The New Obamites

By Jackson Cooke

My friends and I made the mistake of attempting to attend the "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington D.C. this past weekend. We normally go to any large rally there no matter what the subject is so we can engage people and discuss important issues such as ending the Federal Reserve and stopping our crazed masters in their pursuit of blood and treasure. This rally was something different, it smacked of a large cult - quite reminiscent of Obama's supporters in late 2007-2008.

Glenn Beck had been pimping this event for quite some time and instructing his flock to not bring signs and claimed the event was "not political" (yet he had Sarah Palin as a headline speaker - go figure). My friends and I are not part of any group, just independent citizen activists that are determined to spread awareness of issues that the mainstream conveniently glosses over. So, naturally, we brought signs slamming the Fed for the financial collapse and declaring War as Big Government and any person opposed to an expansive state should be opposed to being the world's policeman.

Honestly, I overestimated the crowd. I figured there'd be a decent amount of signs despite what Beck had said. We walked up to the metro station's line (stretched back 2 blocks!) with our signs and as soon as we got to the line we heard several mutterings behind and in front of us "you're not supposed to bring any signs" amongst other things. I couldn't believe my ears! These people were shooting us hostile looks (which I'm very used to) but not because of what we were saying but because we broke with Beck's party orthodoxy. The minds were shutting down, no one wanted to discuss politics, just vague platitudes they heard Beck screaming on his shows. It was disgusting to see how many "Restoring Honor" T-shirts were being worn. It instantly reminded me of the Hope T shirts warn proudly during the Obama campaign and honeymoon period. Mindless and disgusting.

The line to the metro was moving at a snail's pace and went on for quite a long distance - our estimate that it would have taken us 2 hours just to get to the metro. And gauging the crowd's demeanour we decided to bag even going to the capitol. We had brought leaflets with a great deal of information about the Fed and began to pass them out to the people in the line, most people took the leaflets (long line, they were bored) but several people that had seen us with signs (which we discarded to hand out the literature) and several people made hostile or snide comments to me and associates about how we "didn't get the memo" about the signs. I was aghast, I couldn't believe these people were following Beck so blindly. And the hostility. Trust me, I'm used to crowds being angry at my less than mainstream views but this was something new. Obamites were never like this, equally dopey - yes, but not this doctrinaire.

After returning to my friend's apartment we flipped on the corporate box and watched the coverage on the various cable news channels and once again I couldn't believe my eyes. The crowd looked frozen in time. No one was talking, just staring forward absorbing everything their Demagogue said. Beck was fashioning himself as some sort of revivalist preacher sucking in these well meaning, but misguided folks. It was all about him, all about his cult of personality.

I've never returned from a political event feeling so disillusioned. The Obama cultists were creepy, silly, childish, etc but most were at least willing to let you talk. These people were just not interested in doing anything contrary to Beck's instructions. Classic divide and conquer. Beck is inflaming his right wing followers so they can never unite with people and creating racial tensions by declaring the rally as the mantle for civil rights with a crowd that was 99.5% white and most likely affluent. Beware this man, and caution friends and relatives to his siren song.